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Interior Architect
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Interior designer
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Daniel-Pierre Margot
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Architect and interior designer

as an Architect and interior designer, I rise to the development of a comprehensive space, enhancing it and creating a new image of this place.

as a Designer, I create opportunities and directly in front of my customers I draw sketches to give them an immediate view.

as a Painter, I will realize still-life deceptions (dummy windows or doors, imitation marble ...) or paintings (copy or new creations), Panorama decors ... etc..

as a Furniture designer, I will design furnitures that do not exist yet or will do a research in relation to asked themes.
I am often introduced as :
"Daniel-Pierre, he knows how to do ..."

I answer inquiries both from individuals or high demanding professionals.

Enjoy your visit and see you soon,

Daniel-Pierre Margot

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