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Versailles over days.

First, Versailles is a passion.

Then a student at the Ecole Boulle School in 1965, I had the privilege of having a "pass" to take readings inside the Castle and Trianons. This allowed me access to places where the public never return!

Lately I've been able to establish the ground floor plans and first floor of the central body and in the months that will mark their fingerprints Castle.

I established jointly prospects of the arrival courtyard (Royal Court) as it was during the reigns.

In the final, I imagine might have had the appearance of the front courtyard if the "French Revolution" had not been there!

"Versailles as the days" and the theme conferences that I do around the castle citing anecdotes, hidden stories, evocation of the life of courtiers attached to their king.

I refer of course this amazing story of "ghost of Marie Antoinette" at Trianon, as we experienced these two English who walk in the gardens of the castle in the early 20th century.

So follow me!

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